Sabbath challenge

This past Sunday I taught that God designed us each with a “back yard” space in our lives – a space that we are to use to rest and play. He gave us a pattern to use that space when He rested on the seventh day following His creation week.

I mentioned that I personally, after being challenged by another pastor (thanks Mike), have learned to take off one day per week from my “providing” job at our church. I don’t check emails, voice mails, schedule meetings, etc. on Friday, because that’s my Sabbath, or “day of rest”.

At the end I challenged everyone to pick one day each week through May and intentionally schedule it as a day away from your normal job responsibilities. What day did / will you choose to follow God’s pattern and obey His Word in this area?

Don’t forget to let me know how your life is changed by taking a Sabbath each week in May!

Also, if you want to hear the whole message, you can download the MP3 here, or subscribe to the weekly message podcast here.

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